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Beginner Level

Ethics of Speech: Examines the laws and ethics of speech.
Jewish Law Overview: Based on the comprehensive code of Maimonides.
Jewish Values: How the Torah's teachings can enhance interpersonal relationships and all of society.
The Living Law:How each mitzvah speaks to the contemporary twenty-first century Jew

Intermediate Level

Halacha Yomi: A concise daily portion of Jewish law.
Rambam: Maimonides covers the breadth of philosophical and legal topics.
Tefilah: Waking Up Jewish: Explore the prayer book and some of the laws that describe the morning regiment.
Weekly Mitzvah: A study of the 77 positive commandments practiced today.

Advanced Level

Business Halacha: Everyday business situations addressed in Jewish law.
Mishnah Brurah: This class follows the order of the "Code of Jewish Law".
Shulchan Aruch: A digest of the areas of the Jewish law applicable today.
Weekly Halacha: Explores topics in Jewish law related to the week's Parsha.

Other Resources Examining Halacha, Jewish law, and secular law.



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Yitro the Enigma
Rabbi Berel Wein - 5767

Doing Whatever We Can't
Rabbi Eliyahu Hoffmann - 5764

Positive Pursuits
Rabbi Label Lam - 5764

> Echoes of Sinai
Rabbi Eliyahu Hoffmann - 5761

What Happened
Rabbi Label Lam - 5773

A Question Of Perspective
Rabbi Aron Tendler - 5763

Frumster - Orthodox Jewish Dating

Torah from Heaven
Shlomo Katz - 5772

A Society to Be Proud Of
Rabbi Berel Wein - 5760

Why 2K And Yisro
Rabbi Pinchas Winston - 5759

Looking for a Chavrusah?

We Were There!
Rabbi Label Lam - 5765

Torah Study and the New You
Rabbi Eliyahu Hoffmann - 5769

The Limits Of One
Rabbi Aron Tendler - 5765


Sinai's Lesson
Rabbi Eliyahu Hoffmann - 5759

The Death Of Humanism
Rabbi Aron Tendler - 5762

Shabbos: A Day to Teach Independence
Rabbi Pinchas Winston - 5775

A Question of Justice
Rabbi Aron Tendler - 5759

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